Saturday, February 6, 2010


Official Mixtape Breakdown:

Greetings everyone. This is Tadjudeen with The FRONT2BACK MIXTAPE REVIEW. Its been awhile since I last posted but, after listening to so many mixtapes I began to hear the same material and formats. Plus, with so many artist and Djs are putting out mixtapes makes it difficult to keep up. Instead what I will do is give you the top three mixtapes I feel should be downloaded. these artist will be new, unsigned artist or, artist with well put together projects.

Now, on with the review.

Mixtape: R&B Royalty Major Players
Artist: DJ 2Mello

This project here is "your girlfriend's mixtape". Dj 2mello provides a all-star cast of R&B, hip-hop mixture. With collaborations ranging from Snoop and Robin Thicke (Its In The Morning) to R. Kelly and Rick Ross(Put Some Money On It), this joint will definitely bring out both your gangster and your gentleman sides. Front to back, this is a well put together project. Well done DJ 2Mello.

Mixtape:Killa Callabos 1.5
Artist:DJ DELZ

Hosted By: Styles P

Another one for the hip-hop heads! this project is all old school collabos from mid to late 90's, back the east coast ruled the airwaves. Collabos featuring artist like Big Pun, Beanie Sigel, The Lox, Ja Rule, Jay-Z and even the late, great Notorious B.I.G. with Craig Mack's "Flavor In Yo Ear Remix". So far i've heard nothing but classics. This is Front to Back 100% pure dope!

One Love, DJ DELZ! You Killed this one.

Mixtape: The Birth Of Big Bank Black
Artist: Big Bank Black

This is my new artist pick. This Atlanta native shows us he can hold his weight in the game with this project. BBB was able to deliver songs with content and still remain gangsta. this cat has on point delivery over well constructed beats. This artist is definitely slept on. Front to back, its gangsta. Looking forward to future projects. Get your money Black.

All of these mixtapes can be found on and can be downloaded on a Rocky Williform patent pending MixP3. (which I highly recommend.)

My name is`Tadjudeen...and if it aint the truth...I DON'T WANNA HEAR IT!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


The Official Mixtape Breakdown:

Just In Case You Forgot: Pt. 1
Artist: DJ Laser

He was right on point with this one. DJ Laser, a new york native, went diggin in the crates to put together a 2010 reminder Just In Case You Forgot: Pt 1. This young cat shows his true love for the culture, and is on a quest to bring back the essence with his official Mixtape Campaign.

A DJ mixtape is a lot different than an emcee's. The DJ mixtape has been a staple in hip-hop since its beginning. This was the only way our music could reach the masses. The hip-hop community depends on the DJ to keep artist relevant as well as introduce the new guys and to keep every single party jumpin. With a mix of ill freestyles and killer beats, this DJ put together a format that will keep heads noddin.

  1. Intro-kicked it off with some words from Killa Cam
  2. Popularity Anti-Social feat. Esso-I like this guy's delivery on this beat? Perfect.
  3. Turn It Up feat. Mickey Factz- hard flow. Hard track. What more can I say?
  4. I wish feat Yelawolf and Raekwon- this song is creating a lot of buzz. Yelawolf delivery has white rappers syndrome but, I think he is nice enough for the industry.I mean, he held his own with the Chef, so....
  5. Rotate feat. Belistik the messiah-the hook is OK. the track is bangin!
  6. Angels Remix feat. Rick Ross, Dirty Money-I personally don't like this song but the people do. Puffy destroyed "Marcy Son".
  7. Put You On the Game Remix feat. The Game, Jay-Z- When did they get in the studio?
  8. Faith feat. Kindrick Lamar and Bj the Chicago Kid- Finally, a song with a message.
  9. BBQ Wings feat. Cool Kids-these are true emcees. Chicago represent.
  10. Move that damn Thang feat.Juelz Santana, Lil Wayne-this joint fire. these work well together.
  11. I'm Ill Remix feat.Red Cafe, Cassidy- If you are a fan of lyrics, this is the one.
  12. It's Been A Pleasure feat. Drake-Drake will be the man on top in 2010.
  13. On to the Next One Cassidy Freestyle-when he came in the game, he said he was a problem.
  14. Soldier Remix feat. Main-O, Joell Ortiz-J.O.took the flow to another level.
  15. Hello feat. Esso- I expect to hear more from this artist.
  16. Drop Top feat. The Game, Jay-Z-this was a good match up of verses.
  17. On My Grind feat. Slaughterhouse-all these dudes nice. even Joe Budden
  18. I Wanna Rock Freestyle feat. Young Jeezy- Jeezy aint the freestylin type but he did his thing.
  19. Ooh Baby feat. Cam'Ron, Vado- Same old Cam'Ron
  20. Exhibit C feat. Jay Electronica
  21. 2009 Rap Up feat. Skillz- Skillz been killin the rap ups for almost a decade.


This one right here will definitely for hip-hop heads. Front 2 Back: Banger

You can find and download this mixtape

You can also find this mixtape on and download it on a Rocky Williform Company patent pending MixP3.

I'm Tadjudeen And if it aint the truth...I DONT WANNA HEAR IT!!

Friday, January 8, 2010


The Official Mixtape Breakdown

Artist: Talib Kweli
For The Love Of Music

Talib Kweli does it again. In 2010 this Brooklyn emcee teams up with DJ Heathen to give you For The Love Of Music mixtape. This has to be the most lyrical mixtape I've heard in a while! This joint is so hot that I don't even know where to begin. DJ Heathen starts off with with an old school skit where he approached a youngsta on his block, doin the "stanky leg", and asked him if he knew what real or good music is. Next, we get right to FTLOM 03 featuring Cali natives Game and Strong Arm Steady. Each one of gifted emcees spit bars of fire on this laid back track displaying their on point deliveries and hard hittin rhyme schemes. (I rewinded this joint four or five times.) In my opinion, this was the best song on this mixtape. (and we haven't heard the intro yet. )

The intro was a complex mix of his previous work, showing you his beautiful struggle through the years in the industry. Kweli has a host of guest appearances ranging from DJ Drama to Lady Gaga. teaming up with Jean Grae on Mean Jean Birthday Edition and SAS on FTOLM03, Money Right, and Butt Naked proves that these artist callabos is no accident. Talib also gives us a taste of his roots with callabos with Hi-Tek and Mos Def on Just begun.

DJ Heathen is the "backpack rappers" DJ. I love the fact that a early twenty somethings still have love and respect for my generations music. The Midwestern DJ kept it hip hop (and me listening )with a superb blend of originality and the old school "bring it back" mix. I definitly look forward to future projects.

Since his introduction to the industry with rawkus in the late 90's Talib Kweli has always been known for lyrical ability. With numerous solo projects and mainstream singles under his belt, he still contuines to fight to stay relivent and true to the Hip-Hop culture. I definitely recommend this mixtape. Front 2 Back its a banger.

This mixtape can be found at and .

This mixtape can also be found on and can be heard and downloaded on a Rocky Williform company patent pending Mixp3 (in which I highly recommend)

I'm Tadjudeen...And if it aint the truth...I DON'T WANNA HEAR IT!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


The Official Mix tape Breakdown:

Jae Millz/DJ Illwill Presents: Flood Warning

It's been a long time coming. The Harlem emcee that rose from making a name for himself ( and his opponents) by dismantling rappers on SMACK DVD, to his resent signing and success with Lil' Wayne's super group Young money, Jae presents Flood Warning: the Mixtape.

At the start of 2010, this ultra emcee wasted no time letting the industry know that ponchos and umbrellas was simply not enough for this years perdiction. Kickin it off with a verse intitled "rain", Millz instantly shows his versatility and shows no proof to the myth "freestyle rappers can't write real songs." The Young Money artist also shows his razor-sharp skills over DJ Illwill's strategically selected tracks like "I Just Want The Paper", "Popular Demand", and pays homage to his birthplace in "Uptown". With the help of fellow label mates Tyga and Gudda Gudda, the track "Run 4 Mayor" is only proof that Young Money has more to offer than their current front runners Weezy and Drake.

With DJ Illwill(ya wifey favorite DJ) and DJ Rockstar on production, Millzey (he calls himself throughout the album) combined witty-wordplay, superb delivery and on point lines to release a well constructed project.

This mixtape can be found on and can be heard on The Rocky Williform company patnent pending Mixp3 (in which I highly recommend).

After listening to Flood warning I can say finally an emcee is bringing lyrics back to the game. Millz is a far more well rounded than given credit for and this project clearly displays that. If you're droppin a mixtape this year, get your weight up because Jae Millz is not playin.